Leave Attendance Management

Leave and Attendance system is a single management system that integrates these two critical HR tasks. It adapts to your policy and allows the employees and their managers to manage their leaves and mark their attendance on time without any intervention from HR. An online system that helps organizations to capture & evaluate an employee's leave & attendance record, offers myriad advantages to all 3 constituents viz. The Employee, The Human Resources Department & the Organization at large.

HiTide HRP, a leave and attendance management software lend itself to the employee's real time reporting of planned leaves, which enables line managers to assign work to existing staff, well in advance by ensuring that the department productivity is unaffected. HiTide HRP also goes a long way in ensuring timeliness & absenteeism's kept under check especially in case of remote locations.

HiTide HRP, facilitates efficient payroll processing as it takes away the need to capture attendance data from a multiple sources, namely different attendance software, manual registers etc. it not only helps in saving time and money but also improves employee morale as the HR personnel focus on a range of strategic issues. One of the best features of HiTide HRP is its ability to empower employees. With the Leave & Attendance Management Software speaking seamlessly to the Employee Self Service (ESS) module, it can generate automated mail alerts asking employees to update their attendance status.

Needless to mention that it is also a great way towards a paperless office & the "Go Green" initiative adopted by most of the fast growing organizations.

Some of Core Features

Single click Salary Processing.

User defined Salary Heads.

User defined Salary Structure.

Import and Export from Excel Master data.

Pay slips with YTD.

Statutory Reports- PF, ESI and more (India).