Cloud Computing has changed the way world used to work. Human resource could no way remain untouched. Today companies are leveraging on it to operate more economically and sustainably. However, the associated software solutions especially for Human Resources come at a substantial cost and require deep expertise on payroll compliance and taxation.

Reflecting on the same, we came as a Mozart in disguise for our clients with a unique payroll outsourcing solution that combines both- best engineered technology and award winning service plus support. Our HR on Cloud solutions are configured according to the client's framework and personnel management needs. The customization is carried out on different aspects such as accruals, reports, payroll management and other related integrations. Our payroll outsourcing services are 100% based on cloud to integrate complex processes of Payroll, Time & Leave management plus claim management into a single record. Plus salary processing becomes a lot easier. The interface at the client's end is easy to use and understand in order to deliver enterprise-level functionality to its users. Even the salary slips are sent on the Email ID's with proper breakdown of all allowances and deductions along with the leave balance for that month. In addition, with HR on cloud in our payroll service includes exclusive features such as Paycheck Calculator, Pre-Process Register, Quick Data Entry, Online Reporting and Point-In-Time Reporting to name a few. With us our clients gets a super blend of technology and service like nowhere else.

Advantages @ HR on Cloud with us:

  • Built upon true cloud technology.
  • Integrated core HR and online payroll processing.
  • Reduce costs with cloud-based economics.
  • Ensure compliance with automatic updating of local and global regulations.
  • Automated administrative processes over an intuitive web interface.
  • Maintain ongoing communication about latest payroll tax laws and procedures.
  • Accurate tracking of working hours irrespective of the employment style (hourly, salary, remote, traveling or onsite).

Some of Core Features

Single click Salary Processing.

User defined Salary Heads.

User defined Salary Structure.

Import and Export from Excel Master data.

Pay slips with YTD.

Statutory Reports- PF, ESI and more (India).