Talent Analytics

Today the workforce has become diverse and complex forcing organizations to manage HR functions in more effective and automated manner. Talent analytics is one of such functions which is gaining global acceptance in leading multinational companies. With this software organizations can decipher and analyze internal as well as external data to accurately predict the future workforce and other aspects related to manpower in the organization. It also helps the HR department to provide proper training to the employees depending upon their personal profiles and its SWOT analysis.

We hold the reputation of providing our clients with an exceptional range of Talent Analytics services for Payroll Software. With Payroll System already installed at your organization, especially those provided by us, you would be having enough of richer and deeper data for analysis. With this data in hand we help your HR departments become more fact-based and more focused on higher ROI, here the HR investments.

With Talent Analytics, your organization would have periodical detailed reports using which the HR departments can create scenario-based modeling to improve quality of business operations as well as eliminate mitigating risks. They can successfully streamline and bridge the gap between capability building and point solutions through detailed analysis and holistic approach to data. By point solutions we mean focus on critical challenges such as process priorities and relevant resource allocation, recruiting, retention and managing risk. Talent Analytics also allows the organization to look into what kind of specific skill sets would be required for a particular kind of a job. It also provides a deep insight of which employee has the traits of cultivating that particular skill sets.

In addition, it also helps you to counter the following challenges:

  • Workforce planning and management across business and departments.
  • Managing internal risk of fraud and embezzlement.
  • Crafting effective strategies for attracting critical talent.
  • Managing attrition risk and retention planning.
  • Managing workforce transitions especially related to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Includes modules for personnel development, including recruitment, retention and engagement.

Some of Core Features

Single click Salary Processing.

User defined Salary Heads.

User defined Salary Structure.

Import and Export from Excel Master data.

Pay slips with YTD.

Statutory Reports- PF, ESI and more (India).