Timesheet Management

The strength of any Organization is its employees. To ensure better productivity they must be provided with better facilities and benefits. Today major corporations proper track of their employee's time and productivity so that they can be appraised accordingly.

We offer hassle-free Time Sheet Management Software of comprehensive nature. It helps the user to capture, decipher and analyze detailed timesheets in a jiffy. The best part is that employees themselves can access their timesheets online as we believe that clarity brings accountability. They can enter the hour worked and other supporting information concerning their performance. It helps them save time by exporting weekly payroll and timesheet hours collated against their job to leading payroll software solutions.

In short, it takes away the pain of time sheeting. With it you can bid adieu to time taking and cumbersome activity of allocating employee hours to right job along with capturing the right information the first time, every single time. Time Sheet Management Software offered by us provides a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout a particular project or program. The benefits with it are endless, some of which are bulleted below.

Benefits with our Time Sheet Management Software :

  • Accurate tacking of allocated hours to different tasks and projects.
  • Submit timesheet from anywhere with any PDA or WAP enabled device.
  • Delegate visibility and control in hands with self-tracking timesheet management.
  • Specific search criteria to filter timesheets.
  • Customized layout that encompasses certain necessary fields.
  • Customize time entry to meet your business rules.
  • Include time entries for multiple projects on the same timesheet.
  • Enabled with "hours remaining" functionality.
  • Can be downloaded in form of reports in HTML, DOC or PDF formats.
  • Generates alerts for overdue timesheets and/or overdue approvals.
  • Delivers superior granularity in reporting and tracking time.
  • Leverage advanced support for Leave Accrual tracking.
  • Defined Timesheet approvals, including customizable multi-level processes.
  • Analyze productivity and ROI on projects, tasks etc.
  • Makes payroll processing more efficient.
  • Track costs of project in terms of intangible factors say manpower cost.
  • Automated billing & invoicing.
  • Provides necessary information to calculate payroll, client billing, project costing, estimation, tracking and management.

Some of Core Features

Single click Salary Processing.

User defined Salary Heads.

User defined Salary Structure.

Import and Export from Excel Master data.

Pay slips with YTD.

Statutory Reports- PF, ESI and more (India).